EPR 'next steps' after registering

The end of 2023 marked an important milestone in Alberta’s transition to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). December 31 was the date by which communities needed to register with the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) to participate in Phase One of EPR. 

As of January 31, ARMA had registered communities in which 90 per cent of Albertans live. For these communities with existing recycling programs, they will be eligible for EPR programs that begin on April 1, 2025.

Registration remains open. Municipalities who register after December 31, 2023, will have their EPR programs begin on October 1, 2026.

Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) will now begin contacting those municipalities who registered to schedule discovery meetings.

Here’s what to expect during these initial meetings with Circular Materials, the PRO responsible for collecting and managing single-use products, packaging and paper products:

  • Verification of data submitted: material and tonnage, separation of curbside, multi-family and depot.
  • Waste commission or association clarification.
  • Building a full address list of all households (single and multi-family).
  • Current household cost.
  • Collection: contractor information and contract expiry dates.
  • Depot and processing discussion.
  • Promotion and Education.

Please contact ARMA at epr [at] albertarecycling.ca (epr[at]albertarecycling[dot]ca) or send an kris [at] abmunis.ca (email) to ABmunis Policy Analyst Kris Samraj if you have any questions.