Do you want to learn more about Canada's current recycling industry, or Extended Producer Recycling Program?

Recently, Global News produced a three-part series investigating the state of Canada's recycling industry. The series explained the economics of recycling in Canada under the policy changes enacted by the Chinese government in 2018 and explored the policy options for Canada to make recycling more feasible. One of the options is Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) paper and packaging regulations, which AUMA has been advocating since 2017. Alberta is the only province in Western Canada that does not have EPR paper and packaging regulations.

Recently, AUMA, Calgary, Edmonton, Whitecourt, Legal, Acme, Drumheller, and 25 other municipalities in Alberta endorsed a Notice of Motion to collaborate with industry to advance the development of EPR in Alberta for paper and packaging products. AUMA, Calgary and Edmonton, and the Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance are co-funding a study that would assist municipalities’ advocacy on EPR to the Alberta government. The study focuses on the potential impacts, benefits, challenges, and risks of an EPR program. We plan to share our research with AUMA members during the 2019 convention.

For more information about EPR and municipal waste management, please visit the AUMA Waste Management Hub.