Consort to receive additional CanWILL funding

This year's Gender Equality Week in Canada took place from September 18 to 24. Alberta Municipalities thanks all the inspirational women who took part in our association's annual Convention & Trade Show last week. 

We would also like to congratulate the initiatives that were recently selected to receive grant funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) as part of Round Two of the Inclusive Communities Initiative (ICI) of their Canadian Women in Local Leadership (CanWILL) project. Each initiative contributes to the growth of women's municipal voice in Alberta and Canada.

The Village of Consort’s successful “Empowering Rural Female Youth to Become Powerful Leaders” initiative was selected to receive more funding in Round Two. This initiative, along with earlier initiatives in the Town of Chestermere and the City of Edmonton, illustrate the leadership that Alberta Municipalities’ members are providing to build inclusive communities and foster opportunities for women in municipal government. See FCM’s CanWILL News web page for a list of municipal initiatives across Canada that were selected to receive ICI grant funding.

FCM highlighted that “The [V]illage of Consort, in partnership with the Neutral Hills Learning & Community Centre, are empowering rural female youth to become powerful leaders. Through six training sessions, young women in grades 10-12 will learn how to run a successful municipal government campaign. The project will inspire and build the confidence of rural female youth to engage in local government and see themselves as leaders.”

Visit ABmunis’ Women in Municipal Government web page for information on other initiatives in Alberta, and across Canada, that support the increased participation of women in local government.