Breathing new life into Lacombe’s old lagoons

The City of Lacombe has won an innovation award from Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) for successfully transforming its decommissioned wastewater lagoon cells into revenue generating assets.

In 2020, Lacombe looked at how it could reclaim and repurpose land originally used as a wastewater lagoon site. Various options were considered, including reclaiming the land and converting it into a park at an estimated cost of $30 million.

Instead, it partnered with Vesta Energy to turn the former lagoon cells into a reliable water storage solution. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the city council's goal to augment business tax revenue. It helps alleviate some of the financial onus on taxpayers and fosters regional job creation.

Vesta Energy has committed to an annual minimum payment of $100,000 from 2023 onwards for use of the lagoon cells. It is also accountable for the applicable property taxes on the land.

This collaboration between the City of Lacombe and Vesta Energy stands as an exemplary model for other municipalities in Alberta. The project highlights how dormant assets can be effectively repurposed, stimulating industry growth while enhancing economic stability. It is a testament to the incredible outcomes that are possible when innovation meets collaboration.

For more information, please contact hylann [at] (Hylann Ma), Growth & Innovation Manager.