Alberta Municipalities’ new digital library

We are excited to introduce Alberta Municipalities' new digital library for images and videos. The digital library allows ABmunis to share photos and videos of our members’ communities. Access to ABmunis’ digital library is free.

Purpose of the library  

We represent the communities in which 85% of Albertans live, and we can’t think of a better way to showcase our member-municipalities’ diversity than through images. So, we are giving you the opportunity to share your preferred community images with fellow members, other communities, and news media. By doing so, you can influence the visual representation of your municipality and the way people learn about your community’s special and unique attributes. Also, uploaded images may be used in Alberta Municipalities’ marketing materials to highlight our member-municipalities.  

Further, you can access and download images shared by your peers for use on your website, in your social media posts, and your report documents.  Please read the Terms & Conditions so you are aware of how the images may or may not be used.  

Accessing the library  

To access our digital library, click on the "create new account" button (yellow box) and fill out the requested information. We kindly ask that you use your municipal email address, if applicable, to help us with the verification process.






Alberta Municipalities will review and validate each registration request manually. It may take up to one business day for your registration request to be reviewed and approved. In most cases, approval will be granted within the same day.

After your registration is approved, you will have access to view, download, and submit image files.

Submitted Images  

All submitted images will be screened for quality assurance and uploaded to the library by ABmunis’ marketing team. For legal reasons, we ask that you upload only those images that you own or have a license to and that you are willing to share with other ABmunis members and the news media.

Have questions?  

To get started with ABmunis’ digital library, please watch this video. You can find detailed instructions and videos on topics like downloads, collections, naming conventions, licensing and more in the help topics tab at the top right of the website. If you have additional questions, reach out via the contact tab at the top right of the website or write us an email at digitallibrary [at] (digitallibrary[at]abmunis[dot]ca).