ABmunis on Real Talk: Relationships matter!

A three-person Alberta Municipalities panel sat down with Real Talk podcast host Ryan Jespersen on November 9 to discuss the current state of relations between the Government of Alberta and municipalities, and the perceived “urban-rural” divide in our province.

President Cathy Heron, Director Tanya Thorn and Director Dylan Bressey took part in the fast-paced and energetic discussion.

Over the past six weeks, Alberta Municipalities has been encouraged by what Premier Danielle Smith and Municipal Affairs Minister Rebecca Schulz have said about wanting to improve relations between the two levels of government – relations they describe as having been strained in the recent past. They have said they want to give local governments in Alberta greater respect and resources, and they have signaled they are committed to municipal capacity building, transparency and accountability.

President Heron thinks there is good reason to be optimistic that this vitally important relationship will improve in the weeks and months ahead. She believes Minister Schulz is a “fantastic appointment” and someone who will listen and hear municipalities when they discuss issues and propose potential solutions.

Director Thorn said that municipalities are tired of a steady stream of buzz words coming from the provincial government. She says local governments want less talk and more action.

Director Dylan Bressey suggested a collaborative, team approach is needed to address the big issues that Alberta faces.

Click here to watch the full 30-minute panel discussion on YouTube.