ABmunis & AMSC boards thank departing AMSC board members

The Alberta Municipalities Board of Directors, the Alberta Municipal Services Corporation (AMSC) Board of Governors and administration wish to thank those departing AMSC board members who served until the end of 2023. With the help of their leadership and guidance, AMSC made great strides towards providing exceptional services and products to our members.

We are extremely grateful to:

  • Ron Helmhold (more than 10 years of service). Ron is currently the Chief Financial Officer at the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. He provided the AMSC board with strong financial and governance oversight.
  • Bill Given (five years of service). Bill Given is a former Mayor of the City of Grande Prairie and is now the Chief Administrative Officer at the Municipality of Jasper. He provided the AMSC board with great insights on how to strengthen our membership perspective.

Our departing members helped accomplish so much during their time on the AMSC Board of Governors. We will continue working to realize their efforts by exploring new products and services for our members and providing competitive pricing and exceptional customer service based on our customers' unique needs.