How inclusive is your community of youth and elderly persons?

Ageism represents discrimination against people based on the age they are or the age they are thought to be. Ageism usually discriminates against older or younger people based on the idea that they have little to contribute, are not a priority in society, or are ‘difficult to deal with’. Ageism operates at many levels, from assumptions that might seem innocent about a person’s abilities, to systemic discrimination like media depictions of youth as apathetic, dangerous and lazy.

Check out the resources section at the bottom of the page for a collection of toolkits, guides, supports, municipal examples, and reports to help your community take action.

Social Isolation of Seniors – Volume 1: Understanding the Issue and Finding Solutions

This volume of the Government of Canada’s toolkit raises awareness of social isolation of seniors, introduces useful concepts, and shows how social innovation can help address social isolation.

Social Isolation of Seniors – Volume 2: Ideas Exchange Event Toolkit
The second volume of the Government of Canada’s toolkit contains resources for hosting an ideas exchange event to help share knowledge and identify opportunities to work together to address the social isolation of seniors in the community. 

Age-Friendly Alberta
Whether you are an individual, community leader or organization interested in helping your community to become more age-friendly, the information provided by Alberta’s Ministry of Seniors and Housing will provide you with the tools and resources necessary to help you support your community in becoming more age-friendly.