Resolution Category C.iii.1
Subject Infrastructure
Year 2009
Status Adopted - Expired
Sponsor - Mover Blackfalds, Town of Lacombe, City of Ponoka, Town of Red Deer, City of
Active Clauses

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association urge the Government of Alberta (Alberta Transportation) to adopt as part of its design standards and policies, facilitation of and provision for alternative modes of transportation such as cycling, running and walking and to consider the construction of trail systems as part of the building or rebuilding of roads and highways.

Whereas Clauses

WHEREAS a growing number of citizens are embracing various modes of transportation as alternatives to the automobile;

WHEREAS alternative modes of transportation such as walking and biking offer health benefits as well as benefits to the environment;

WHEREAS there is a need to connect trail systems already built in neighbouring communities, thereby offering safe, economical, alternative means of travel;

WHEREAS the growing number of bikers and walkers on highways and roadways designed strictly for vehicles increases the likelihood of catastrophic conflict with automobile traffic, and

WHEREAS construction and reconstruction of roads and highways presents economical opportunities to build safe, inviting trail systems separated from automobile traffic.

Government Response

May 10, 2010 - Alberta Transportation

Under Alberta legislation, the roles and rights of cyclists and pedestrians traveling on provincial highway rights-of-way are legislated to provide traveler safety and security, as well as smooth operation of Alberta’s highways and highway rights-of-way. With regard to the development of transportation infrastructure to support alternative modes of transportation, such as those related to active transportation, Alberta Transportation’s 2007 Roadside Design Guide considers the needs of pedestrians and bicyclists when designing roads.

Current Alberta Transportation guidelines allow for the consideration of trail development in existing highway rights-of-way and trails currently exists in provincial highway rights-of-way. However, in order to minimize the exposure of trail users to unnecessary risks, trails are not generally developed within existing provincial highway rights-of-way. It is preferred that these facilities be placed on property outside highway rights-of-way.

Alberta Municipalities notes

AUMA accepts this response.