Amending the Police Officer Collective Bargaining Act

Resolution Category C.iii.2
Subject Social
Year 2009
Status Adopted - Expired
Sponsor - Mover
Edmonton, City of
Active Clauses

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the AUMA ask the Government of Alberta to amend the Police Officers Collective Bargaining Act to allow Peace Officers to be included in the collective agreements that are negotiated for Police Officers.

Whereas Clauses

WHEREAS the Public Security Peace Officer Program in Alberta is unique in Canada;

WHEREAS the Peace Officer Act was passed in 2007;

WHEREAS the Act created two levels of Peace officers that can carry out many duties that used to be confined to Police Officers;

WHEREAS Police Services wish to utilize Peace Officers to carry out some duties not requiring a Police Officer;

WHEREAS the existing Police Officers Collective Bargaining Act does not make provision for bargaining with Peace Officers;

WHEREAS provisions in different collective agreements can generate conflict with an integrated system;

WHEREAS the representation of Peace Officer will fall to a civilian union for members working for a municipal police force, potentially creating jurisdictional difficulty as it will present a lack of consistency in terms and conditions, thereby limiting the ability of services to expand the use of differentiated staffing; and

WHEREAS the ability to bargain with Police Officers and Peace Officers as a single entity would allow for continuity and equity between the two groups.