Update from the Legislature - November 3

Provincial Police Force:

On Friday, the provincial government released the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) feasibility report on the creation of a provincial police force. AUMA has advocated for the province to release the full study for the past six months,  and we are glad it is now available to the public. The 100-page study raises some initial concerns (link to news release). The report does not provide a recommendation to the Government of Alberta about whether it should pursue the creation of an Alberta Provincial Police Service. AUMA will continue to review the study and determine next steps.

Unpaid Oil and Gas Taxes:

On Thursday, the provincial government tabled Bill 77 to address municipal concerns regarding unpaid oil and gas taxes. The proposed updates to the Municipal Government Act will restore a special lien and clarify other powers that municipalities can use to require oil and gas companies to pay overdue property taxes. 

Rural Engagement Survey:

The province launched an online survey to get feedback on the opportunities and challenges facing rural economic development across the province. The survey is expected to be open until mid-December.

Covid-19 Vaccination Progress:

This week, Alberta passed a milestone with 80% of eligible Albertans now fully vaccinated. As of October 31 87.1% of eligible Albertans had received one dose of vaccine, and 80.3% were fully vaccinated.

Fall 2021 Legislation Status (as of Tuesday, November 2)

Leave to Introduce a Bill

Bill 80 - Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act, 2021 (No. 2) (Fir)

Bill 81 - Election Statutes Amendment Act, 2021 (No. 2) (Madu)

Bill 82 - Mineral Resource Development Act (Savage)

Second Reading

Bill 73 - Infrastructure Accountability Act (Panda)

Bill 74 - Advanced Education Statutes Amendment Act, 2021 (Nicolaides)

Bill 75 - Arts Professions Recognition Act (Orr)

Bill 76 - Captive Insurance Companies Act (Toews)

Bill 77 - Municipal Government (Restoring Tax Accountability) Amendment Act, 2021 (McIver)

Bill 78 - Alberta Housing Amendment Act, 2021 (Pon)

Bill 79 – Trails Act (Nixon)

Committee of the Whole 

Bill 49 - Labour Mobility Act (Kenney)

Third Reading 


Awaiting Royal Assent 


Received Royal Assent