November is Financial Literacy Month

Since November is Financial Literacy Month, our Retirement Services team wanted to share with you some information to help your employees understand how to start saving for retirement. The Government of Canada has developed some wonderful resources.

At AUMA, we take pride in ensuring our members have access to the talent attraction and retention tools they need to succeed. It’s especially important for non-profits and not-for-profit groups competing for the best talent. We help you meet these critical needs with competitive retirement savings plan options.

Our Retirement Services hosts a defined contribution plan and group RRSP/TSFA savings plans for those employers not participating in the Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP). These plans offer members the flexibility to set their plan participation to fit their budget, employee demographics, and employee engagement strategy. It’s even available to organizations with just one employee!

We also sponsor a supplementary defined benefit pension plan for members participating in the LAPP and want an additional benefit for their management employees. It often provides a competitive edge when attracting and retaining the best management talent.

And we offer these plans with lower investment manager fees. That’s the benefit of harnessing the combined purchasing power of our members and their employees.

Please call our knowledgeable and professional Retirement Services team at 310-AUMA if you want to discuss the options available to your organization, or to assist with your employee engagement strategy or talent retention plans. You can discover more at our Retirement Services webpage