Risk Management: The Risky Business of Surveillance

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Join us for this impactful three-part series, covering emerging risk topics affecting our membership. This series will offer essential insights, practical strategies, and innovative tools for municipalities and community-related organizations. 

With expert speakers and interactive sessions, you'll gain practical knowledge to tackle current and future challenges. Don't miss this opportunity to strengthen your risk management approach. Reserve your spot today! 


The Risky Business of Surveillance. Presented by RMRF 

Surveillance may seem like the obvious answer to asset management or employee monitoring, but municipalities must always consider the purpose and impact of the collection, use, and disclosure of information gathered by way of surveillance. In this session, we will discuss when it is appropriate to institute surveillance as a risk management practice. We will also discuss how to best implement a surveillance strategy, what methods can be used, and any limitations or exceptions that municipalities should consider. And finally, we will consider the impact of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act on surveillance strategies and discuss how to handle FOIP requests that engage information collected by way of surveillance. Attendees will leave the session with practical tools and valuable knowledge about the real-life impacts of surveillance as a risk management practice, and will be better positioned to make the right decisions for their municipality. 

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