Risk Management: Managing Contracts and Shifting Liability

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Join us for this impactful three-part series, covering emerging risk topics affecting our membership. This series will offer essential insights, practical strategies, and innovative tools for municipalities and community-related organizations. 

With expert speakers and interactive sessions, you'll gain practical knowledge to tackle current and future challenges. Don't miss this opportunity to strengthen your risk management approach. Reserve your spot today! 


Managing Contracts and Shifting Liability. Presented by RMRF 

This session will focus on the fundamentals of contracts and helping to master the art of safeguarding your municipality’s interests. Learn expert strategies to prevent contractors from limiting their liability, ensuring enforceable agreements. Discover practical tools and best practices for thorough contract reviews and negotiations. Equip yourself with the knowledge to identify and counteract liability clauses that could jeopardize your projects. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your contract management skills and protect your municipality’s assets. 

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