FOMG Webinar - Lonely at the Top

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The latest paper in the FOMG series explores the role and tenure of Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) in Alberta municipalities and the implications for those municipalities. 

The paper concludes that overall CAOs are community-minded public servants who take pride and ownership of their work and have strong relationships with their administration. At the same time, the paper reveals concerning trends of decreasing CAO tenure which can contribute to significant disruption to municipal organizations. The research points to negative political dynamics as being the greatest challenge of the role and (factor) in increasing transition. 

Tune in for the report's authors' virtual discussion on the role and tenure of Chief Administrative Officers with an eye to enhancing the success and stability of the CAO position and municipalities as a whole. Join this October 13 webinar to delve deeper into these findings and discuss potential solutions identified in the paper including greater role clarity, onboarding for CAOs and education for elected officials, and lapping into regional support network, among others.

Event Category Advocacy


Dr. Kate Graham - Professor and Consultant; Jesse Helmer - Senior Research Associate; Rachel de Vos - Chief Policy and Advocacy Officer at Alberta Municipalities



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