Provincial Health Restriction Decisions

Subject Governance
Year 2021
Status Adopted - Active
Sponsor - Mover
Lac La Biche County
Active Clauses

IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the AUMA contact the Premier and the Minister of Health of the Government of Alberta to advocate for provincial health restrictions and decisions to be made by the provincial government and not downloaded onto municipalities.

Whereas Clauses

WHEREAS on September 15, 2021, the Government of Alberta implemented new COVID-19 Restrictions, including a Restriction Exemption Program that allowed Municipalities to decipher which route they wish to take on their facilities for programming and events;

WHEREAS starting September 20, in-scope businesses, entities and events must follow one of the 2 options: implement the Restrictions Exemption Program requiring proof of vaccination or negative test result, plus mandatory masking, to continue operating as usual, or comply with all public health restrictions as outlined in Order 42-2021;

WHEREAS the responsibility for provincial health measures lies with the provincial government and not with the local municipalities or businesses;

WHEREAS the requirement to choose between the two options is a download from the provincial government to municipal governments;

WHEREAS municipalities are struggling to continue to change and implement restrictions to large community facilities, recreation centers, and other municipal offices;

WHEREAS the decision by the provincial government to force municipalities and businesses to divide residents based on vaccination history is further dividing our communities;

WHEREAS Municipalities are currently campaigning under a municipal election to be held On October 18, 2021, forcing the discussion and debate to be centered on provincial downloading and away from the core functions of municipal government;

Resolution Background

AUMA member municipalities across Alberta are being forced to make operational decisions based on the current COVID-19 Health Restrictions announced September 15, 2021. This amounts to downloading of provincial responsibilities to municipalities. 

Rural Municipalities of Alberta has passed this resolution unanimously at their District 5 Meeting on September 24, and it will be considered at RMA’s Annual Convention in November. 

Alberta Municipalities notes

ABmunis’ Notes and Actions

Alberta Municipalities consistently facilitated and advocated for improved communication and coordination with the provincial government on pandemic response and recovery.