Cyber security

Cyber Security & Managed IT Services

Protecting your data has never been more critical

The information systems of municipalities in Alberta and around the world are constantly under attack. This is especially the case across North America. Our goal is to support building strong and resilient Alberta communities. So, we’ve developed a suite of Cyber Security & Managed IT Services to strengthen your understanding of your risks, provide protection, and support your recovery & response.

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Managed Detection & Response

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a sophisticated solution to monitor your IT infrastructure both on-premises and in the cloud. 


Security-as-a-Service is a turnkey solution to accessing cutting-edge cyber security services at a price that reflects your organization’s size.

Privacy Liability

Cyber Liability

If your organization uses a computer network for business operations, particularly if you handle or collect data or confidential information, Cyber Liability is for you.

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Threat Risk Assessment

A Threat Risk Assessment provides valuable insight into the current state of your cyber security. 

Cyber security

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services allow experts to handle the maintenance and repairs of IT operations without sacrificing quality.