You told us it’s time for a new look

In early 2020, as we embarked on our strategic brand research, we hosted many stakeholder engagement sessions and received over 400 responses to our member survey. Your responses were invaluable and have contributed to what will be a unique and wonderful new look for your association.

Throughout the engagement process, we heard how you feel about many things, including our name, our logo, and what it means to be a member of the Association. We heard you when you told us what you find important, what you appreciate, and what you value about the work we do on your behalf. All those responses contributed to over 550 pages of data that were analyzed and used to help us build the foundations for our future.

On Wednesday, November 17, at Convention 2021, you will see the results of the work we have been able to complete thanks to your honest and open responses.

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Stay tuned! It’s going to be exciting.