You have evolved, and we are evolving, too!

In early 2020, as we embarked on our strategic brand research, we hosted many stakeholder engagement sessions and received over 400 responses to our member survey. Your responses have contributed to what will be a unique new look for your association.

It was very apparent from the research that our members have evolved. You made it clear that you define yourselves as communities and municipalities, words that you use interchangeably to describe the places to which you are so committed.

We also learned, unsurprisingly, that elected officials have a strong bond to their respective communities. You see them as being special in their own unique ways, but value coming together to speak with a single, unified voice. We heard you when you told us that it is when individual members combine their efforts that we all succeed together.

All these things were considered as we went through the process of refreshing our brand. Over the coming weeks, in the lead up to Convention, we will share more about what you told us and how we have applied that to our branding. At Convention 2021, on Wednesday, November 17, you will see the results of the work we have been able to complete thanks to the information our members shared with us.

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