Virtual Summit on Policing

Thanks to everyone who made time in their busy lives last Wednesday evening to join the board members for Alberta Municipalities’ virtual summit on policing. More than 400 of you took part in the two-hour event. That’s an excellent turnout, and we truly appreciate your participation and the dozens of good questions you raised.

Alberta Municipalities’ official statement

An official statement about our virtual policing summit was distributed on Thursday afternoon to news media outlets across Alberta. As we said on Wednesday, we plan to keep discussions about the future of policing in our province on the Government of Alberta’s radar through regular media interviews, social media posts, and discussions with other key stakeholders.

We are continuing to conduct media interviews and do what we can to keep this issue firmly in the public eye. Please watch our social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook for links to our dedicated webpage, which will be available soon, and important information as it becomes available.

What you can do

Of course, it will take a concerted team effort to drive home our points with the provincial government. Please use your connections to local news media organizations and your social media accounts to amplify our messages and spread the word to Albertans. 

Please check your inbox on Monday for our “Key Questions for Engagement” document. It will provide all the important questions you brought forward at last week’s summit. You can raise these important issues at the municipal engagement sessions the Ministry of Justice & Solicitor General has scheduled until the end of March across the province. Please let us know what responses you receive advocacy [at] (via e-mail).

Next steps at MLC

We look forward to addressing the topic at our Municipal Leaders Caucus on March 8 and 9. We hope to establish a formal position regarding the possible creation of a provincial police service at that time.