Update from the Legislature - Dec 1, 2021

The legislature is in session this week and is expected to sit until December 9, one week later than originally scheduled.

Mid year Fiscal Update and Economic Statement

The mid year fiscal update shows the province’s fiscal situation recovering from the pandemic lows. The forecasted deficit is $5.8 billion, $12.4 billion lower than the budget estimate thanks to forecasted revenues $14.2 billion higher than the budget estimate and expenses $1.8 billion over the budget estimate. The net debt-to-GDP ratio is estimated to hit 19.2% at the end of the fiscal year.

Further details on new childcare agreement

The Government of Alberta released details on how funding through the new federal-provincial childcare agreement will be put to use. Parents with children aged zero to kindergarten in licensed daycares, preschools, and day homes will see childcare fees reduced by half, on average. Beginning in January, the government will reduce fees by offering subsidies for families earning under $180,000 and new operating grants for facility-based child-care programs.

Covid-19 Vaccination Progress

As of November 29, 88.8% of Albertans aged 12+ had received one dose of vaccine, and 83.9% were fully vaccinated.

Fall 2021 Legislation Status (as of Tuesday, November 30)

Leave to Introduce a Bill


Second Reading

Bill 79 - Trails Act (Nixon)
Bill 80 - Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act, 2021 (No. 2) (Fir)
Bill 81 - Election Statutes Amendment Act, 2021 (No. 2) (Madu)
Bill 87 - Electoral Divisions (Calgary-Bhullar-McCall) Amendment Act, 2021 (Nixon)

Committee of the Whole

Bill 73 - Infrastructure Accountability Act (Panda)
Bill 78 - Alberta Housing Amendment Act, 2021 (Pon)
Bill 84 - Business Corporations Amendment Act, 2021 (Glubish)
Bill 86 - Electricity Statutes Amendment Act, 2021 (Nally)

Third Reading

Bill 75 - Arts Professions Recognition Act (Orr)
Bill 77 - Municipal Government (Restoring Tax Accountability) Amendment Act, 2021 (McIver)

Awaiting Royal Assent

Bill 49 - Labour Mobility Act (Kenney) - Labour Mobility Act (Kenney)
Bill 74 - Advanced Education Statutes Amendment Act, 2021 (Nicolaides)
Bill 76 - Captive Insurance Companies Act (Toews)
Bill 82 - Mineral Resource Development Act (Savage)
Bill 83 - Environmental Protection and Enhancement Amendment Act, 2021 (Nixon)
Bill 85- Education Statutes (Students First) Amendment Act, 2021 (LaGrange)

Received Royal Assent