Research BEFORE You Resolve

Research is an essential part of a strong resolution.

A good place to start is the Resolutions Library to determine if Alberta Municipalities already has a resolution on a specific issue and the status of our advocacy.

Alberta Municipalities’ 2022 Business Plan is available online to give members an overview of our strategic initiatives for the year. Our prioritization framework is also available online and is a useful tool to use when considering factors that may affect the potential success of a resolution.

It is also helpful to search Alberta Municipalities’ website more broadly, as we work on a wide variety of emerging and longstanding issues. It may be similarly helpful to check out the RMA and FCM websites for actions they may be taking on a particular issue.

We also encourage you to contact other municipalities. They may be willing to co-sponsor or second your resolution and provide useful insights on the issue and potential solutions.

Most importantly, do not hesitate to contact Alberta Municipalities’ staff by advocacy [at] (email). We can point you toward helpful information and provide feedback on whether a resolution is the best avenue for addressing your issue.

For more tips on resolution, check out our 2022 Resolutions Guide and Template.