Municipally-made Podcasts

Municipalities across Canada are producing their own podcasts to better connect with the community members they serve.

Cities like Guelph, Ontario, and Whistler, B.C., are among those municipalities that are using their podcasts to offer more context on current issues, decisions, or upcoming initiatives shaping their communities. They also allow listeners to ‘meet’ the people who help run their municipalities while promoting local economic development and tourism.

Podcasts are not intended to replace the way municipalities interact with local news media – instead, they are a creative addition to a municipality’s existing communications platform. Moreover, they are an effective way to connect with residents who do not read local newspapers or sit at computers, and with those who may prefer to listen rather than read about their municipalities.

By offering an in-depth look at municipal operations via conversations with municipal leadership and staff, podcasts are a creative step toward enriching a community.

If your municipality is looking for a new way to reach and communicate with its residents, perhaps it is time to consider producing a podcast.

For more information, please contact jking [at] (Jamie King), Business Innovation Specialist.