MLC presentations & APPS position (RFD) now available

Last week, more than 300 councillors and senior administrators from municipalities across Alberta gathered for an interactive Municipal Leaders’ Caucus covering priority municipal topics. Alberta Municipalities (ABmunis) has received countless requests for copies of the in-depth presentations, and we are pleased to announce they are now available on our website here.


President’s Report – President Cathy Heron provided updates on select strategic initiatives and business services we undertake on behalf of our members. This includes our new Power + which provides unique long-term energy aggregation.

Alberta Provincial Police Service (APPS) – Alberta Municipalities provided background information and engaged members in a discussion on the proposed models for an APPS as outlined in the Government of Alberta’s $2-million PricewaterhouseCoopers feasibility study.

Request for Decision (RFD) – Directly following the APPS session participants discussed a RFD establishing a position on APPS. In all, 144 representatives voted in favour, and 34 voted against. Alberta Municipalities’ policy position on the PwC proposal for an APPS is as follows:

  • THAT Alberta Municipalities strongly oppose the APPS models proposed in the PwC study and develop an advocacy and communications strategy to advance our position.
  • Further, THAT Alberta Municipalities urge the Government of Alberta to invest in the resources needed to:
  1. Address the root causes of crime (i.e., health, mental health, social and economic supports); and
  2. Ensure the justice system is adequately resourced to enable timely access to justice for all Albertans.
  • Further, THAT prior to issuing formal notice to terminate Alberta’s contract with the RCMP, the Government of Alberta will put this question to all Albertans in the form of a clear referendum.
  • Should significant new information be forthcoming on the proposal, Alberta Municipalities may choose to revisit this position.

As a next step, ABmunis Safe and Healthy Communities Committee will make recommendations to the Board’s April 2022 meeting on an advocacy strategy.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) – Darren Sandbeck, Chief Paramedic with Alberta Health Services EMS, provided an update on Alberta’s 10-point plan to address ambulance service pressures and improve Alberta’s EMS system.

Allocation of the Local Government Fiscal Framework – ABmunis presented its recommendation on the formula variables that should be used to allocate the Local Government Fiscal Framework (LGFF) to Alberta’s non-charter municipalities when LGFF starts in 2024. The presentation provides an overview of Alberta Municipalities’ principles and goals for LGFF allocation, the types of variables that were considered, and how Alberta Municipalities came to its recommendation.

Future of Municipal Government – ABmunis provided an overview of “Why, What and How” to get involved in the project, following which Dr. Sandeep Agrawal, Professor and Director of the School of Regional Planning, shared research he has done on various governance models. Participants then provided input on challenges facing their communities, governance, and collaboration models they are interested in exploring and how well current approaches are working. This feedback will help guide the research work Dr. Agrawal is conducting.