ICF Workbook updated with 2021 deadline and more dispute resolution guidance

AUMA and RMA have made further updates to the ICF Workbook to recognize the adjustment of the deadline to April 1, 2021 and to provide tips and tools on how to address outstanding areas of dispute when finalizing an ICF.

In 2018, AUMA and RMA, with support from Alberta Municipal Affairs, collaborated to develop an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Workbook to support municipalities in completing ICFs and Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDPs), which are mandatory based on amendments to the Municipal Government Act.

Recently, the Government of Alberta extended the deadline to complete ICFs to April 1, 2021. As many municipalities have completed ICFs and others are nearing completion, AUMA and RMA have updated the workbook to increase its focus on dispute resolution. This update is intended to support municipalities that may be struggling to complete ICFs due to outstanding disagreements on specific service areas.

The most significant changes to the workbook are found in section 5.0: "What Happens if We Don’t Agree", which now provides more information on various dispute resolution approaches. The updated workbook also includes a new tool (Tool H) intended to assist municipalities in identifying what dispute resolution approaches will work best in different situations.

If you have any questions on ICFs or the ICF change management resources, please contact AUMA’s Advocacy team at advocacy [at] auma.ca (advocacy[at]auma[dot]ca).