Future of Municipal Government Project to deliver research on key municipal topics in 2022

Alberta Municipalities is embarking on a project to explore options for local governments to support thriving communities into the future.

COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of economic, political, and social changes already affecting municipalities. Extreme weather events are testing the resilience of communities and the ability of governments to coordinate responses.

At the same time, these events demonstrate the importance of strong municipal governments who are best positioned to help local communities overcome global challenges.

Research being led by the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy – and conducted by researchers with practical experience across Alberta and Canada – is intended to provide a solid, evidence-based foundation for municipally led dialogue on the future of municipal government. Research topics include:

  • Governance Trends in Canadian Local Government
  • Population Growth and Population Aging in Alberta’s Municipalities
  • Financing Municipal Infrastructure
  • Local Citizen Engagement and Municipal Governance
  • Climate Change and Environment Considerations for Municipal Governance and Regionalization
  • Annexation, Amalgamation, Regionalization? Potential Solutions for Alberta
  • A new relationship between the province and municipalities.

While the research papers will have conclusions and some recommendations, the ultimate outcomes of project will be shaped by municipalities. Throughout 2022, engagement sessions will be held to enable municipalities and key stakeholders to engage with researchers, discuss the relevance of their findings to municipalities and what the findings may mean in terms of the future of municipal policy, legislation, funding, and practices.

Check out the Future of Municipal Government webpage for more information on the project and stay tuned to The Weekly for upcoming engagement events.