Emergent resolutions on Health Restrictions and Alberta Supports

Visit our resolutions page to access the latest version of the Resolutions Book, including new resolutions on “Provincial Health Restriction Decisions” and “Alberta Supports and Children’s Services Closure to Walk in Clients”.

The Resolutions Book is included in the printed Convention Guide, which will be distributed on-site. Paper copies of the latest emergent resolutions will also be available separately, as they were not approved in time to be included in the printed guide.

When will resolutions be considered?

The Resolutions Session is scheduled to take place on the afternoon of Thursday, November 18, from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Resolutions will be considered in the order they appear in the Resolutions Book, followed by any additional emergent resolutions.  AUMA board member Andrew Knack will serve as the Resolutions Chair, and Carman McNary Q.C., legal counsel from Dentons, will serve as the Parliamentarian.

What is the process for debate and voting?

As outlined in AUMA’s Resolutions Policy, the process for debating and voting on resolutions is as follows:

  • Resolutions will be debated in the order they appear in the Resolutions Book
  • The Resolutions Chair will introduce each resolution and invite an elected official from the municipality which moved the resolution to speak.
  • The spokesperson from the moving municipality will be given two minutes to speak.
  • The Chair will then open the floor for debate, by calling for a speaker in opposition, seeking clarification or proposing an amendment.
  • Elected representatives of Regular members can speak to resolutions. In addition, upon a motion from the floor, or at the discretion of the Resolution Chair, a representative of an Associate member, which are municipal districts and counties, may also speak to a resolution.
  • If no one rises to speak for or against a resolution, the question will be called immediately. 
  • Otherwise, speakers will come to the microphones in the middle of the room and will have two minutes to speak.
  • A dial-in phone number will also be provided during convention so that elected officials participating virtually can also participate in the debate.
  • When there are no more opposing speakers, the Chair will declare the end of debate. The elected official from the sponsor will be allowed one minute to close the debate.
  • When debate is completed, the Chair will ask for a vote on the active clause of the resolution. Voting will be completed through Simply Voting - auma.simplyvoting.com.
  • Only elected representatives of Regular member municipalities are able to vote. All elected officials from regular members of the AUMA who register for convention will receive an email containing an online voting log in for Simply Voting. That Simply Voting log in will be used for both resolutions and elections.
  • The results of the vote will be displayed on the screen in terms of the percentage of those who voted in favour and those who voted in opposition to the active clause of the resolution.

The total votes received will also be displayed.

If you have any questions about the resolutions process, email resolutions [at] auma.ca.