The benefits of an impartial third party

This is the fourth in a series of articles AUMA and the Alberta Ombudsman are producing to provide information on the relationship between the Ombudsman and Municipalities.  To read the full series visit AUMA’s MGA Change Management page.

The Alberta Ombudsman’s office works to promote fair decisions and fair decision-making processes in the administration of Alberta’s public services. The Ombudsman is neither a substitute decision-maker nor will she act as an advocate for the complainant or the municipality.  As an impartial third party, the Ombudsman will determine:

  • Whether a public agency in question acted fairly and reasonably.
  • Whether actions and decisions were consistent with relevant legislation, policies and procedures. 

Once a formal investigation is concluded, the Ombudsman will communicate findings and/or recommendations oriented toward improving processes:  

  • A matter for further consideration
  • An omission should be rectified
  • A decision should be cancelled or varied
  • A practice should be altered
  • Amendments to legislation (rare occurrence)
  • Reasons be provided for a decision
  • A matter should be reheard or reconsidered
  • Other steps that would resolve the problem

If there are no problems identified, the Ombudsman will indicate this to both the municipality and the complainant.

There is no need to wait for an investigation to seek the advice of the Ombudsman and their staff.  Education and awareness resources are available that describe the Ombudsman’s role as well as ways municipalities can enhance administrative fairness.

Some of what is offered includes:

Ombudsman staff are knowledgeable, and their education services are free.  To get in touch, please contact the Ombudsman’s office:

Calgary Office
801 – 6 Avenue SW, Suite 2560
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3W2
Phone: 403.297.6185

Edmonton Office
9925 – 109 Street NW, Suite 700
Edmonton, Alberta  T5K 2J8
Phone: 780.427.2756                                                                    

Toll free: 1.888.455.2756

Email: info [at] (info[at]ombudsman[dot]ab[dot]ca)