Who has the plan for community building?

municipal infrastructure deficit will worsen without proper levels of funding for local governments.
of Alberta's infrastructure is the responsibility of municipal governments.
of provincial spending goes into municipal infrastructure.
  • Municipal governments are responsible for approximately 60% of Alberta’s infrastructure, but only 1% of provincial spending goes into municipal infrastructure. It used to be close to 3%. 
  • Alberta’s $30 billion municipal infrastructure deficit will worsen unless more money is made available to your local government so it can maintain existing water systems, sewers, roads, and bridges. These are vital to the ongoing success of all communities.
  • When it comes to municipal infrastructure, and the current rate of funding available for this and all other infrastructure is not keeping up with the needs of our communities.
  • But your local community also needs money to build or maintain rec centres, ice rinks, and libraries, which are all important to attract and retain residents.
  • Your community can only grow if it has predictable funding for long-term investments in reliable infrastructure that meets the needs of your current and future residents.

Before you vote in this election, you need to know which party has the best plan for addressing these priority issues to help your community thrive.

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Download and read the backgrounder:

Backgrounder - Community Building

Alberta Legislature

Who has the plan... ?

  • to engage meaningfully with municipalities & frontline workers to find solutions to these complex problems?

  • to clearly commit to follow-up with the needed investments & actions?

  • to provide transparent data so Albertans can judge the results?