Review of LAEA & MGA

Have your say, help shape future of municipal government in Alberta.

Review of LAEA & MGA

ABmunis encourages ALL eligible Albertans to complete a pair of short online surveys being conducted by the Government of Alberta. The online surveys, which relate to two acts – the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) and the Municipal Government Act (MGA) – are open until Wednesday, December 6, 2023.

These two acts are vitally important to how local politics are practiced in communities across Alberta.

Our members and most Albertans do not support the introduction of partisan politics within local governments. This was confirmed by a public opinion survey conducted by pollster Janet Brown for Alberta Municipalities in September 2023, and the Resolution passed by members at our 2023 Convention.

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Our call to action

When the Government of Alberta conducted similar surveys in 2020, it received about 4,000 responses. That is an extremely low response rate, considering the population of Alberta at the time was about 4.4 million.

Alberta Municipalities’ Board of Directors echoes Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver’s call to action on November 7, when he encouraged “…all eligible Albertans to complete these surveys and have their say on how we can strengthen local democracy in Alberta.”

Between now and December 6, ABmunis encourages all eligible Albertans to spend 20 minutes or so completing the LAEA survey and the MGA survey. To some extent, the future of municipal government in Alberta will be shaped by the results of these online surveys.

Director Andrew Knack (Cities over 500,000) spoke on behalf of ABmunis' Board of Directors at an online media event held on November 16, 2023. He echoed Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver's recent call to action, encouraging all eligible Albertans to complete surveys on the Local Authorities Elections Act (LAEA) and Municipal Government Act (MGA) and tell the provincial government how it can strengthen local democracy in Alberta.

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According to a survey conducted by pollster Janet Brown, more than 80% of Albertans agree that municipal officials who align with a political party may prioritize party agendas over the best interests of the community.


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