EPR Update and Alberta Collaborative Extended Producer Responsibility Study

EPR Update

In late March, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) launched consultations with stakeholders on an EPR framework, EPR packaging and paper program and EPR household hazardous waste 

Alberta Municipalities provided our submission to AEP in early May 2021. In our submission, we highlight three crucial elements that municipalities want to see in upcoming EPR programs.   

  • Municipalities must be part of the decision-making, 

  • Alberta should harmonize where possible, and  

  • The province must fund the EPR transition for hazardous and special products.

    • Municipalities are concerned that the lack of coordination between Alberta Infrastructure and AEP has led to downloading on municipalities and sending contradicting policy directions to Albertans. 

Alberta Municipalities has also sent a letter to the Minister of Infrastructure urging him to reinstate the grant until an EPR program is in place. His decision may save money for the Ministry in the short run, but it will lead to residents being turned away at collection sites and create barriers for a permanent program.

EPR for Packaging and Paper Products (PPP) Study Released 

Alberta Municipalities, along with the Cities of Edmonton and Calgary, producer representativesand the Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance, released their “Extended Producer Responsibility for Residential Packaging and Paper Products: Alberta Collaborative Extended Producer Responsibility Study.” The study confirms that a made-in-Alberta solution to EPR for packaging and paper products would bring substantial and immediate benefits to Albertans. 

Download the study

Read the news release and backgrounder

Review the frequently asked questions 

About EPR for Packaging and Paper Products  

Currently, as the only province in Western Canada without an EPR program, Alberta’s municipalities carry the financial burden and operating risks of recycling and disposing of consumer waste. EPR for packaging and paper products would empower producers of consumer PPP to manage and pay for the recycling of the materials they distributeMore than 80 per cent of Canadians are already benefiting from EPR programs while Albertans forego millions of dollars in cost savings, economic opportunities, and jobs, as well as multiple environmental and social benefits every year.  

The benefits expected from a made-in-Alberta solution to EPR for packaging and paper products include: 

  • Reduce the recycling collection services costs that municipalities charge their residents each year by up to $105 million; this is Albertans’ money and it can be reinvested in other municipal services or provided as a cost saving to municipal residents 

  • Add $16 million to the Alberta economy every year 

  • Gain approximately 220 new jobs in Alberta’s recycling industry  

  • Recycle an additional 21,000 tonnes of packaging and paper products each year 

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 72,000 tonnes each year – the equivalent of removing 15,000 cars from the road annually 

  • Increase recycling opportunities for rural Alberta and people who live in multi-dwelling residences 

  • Make recycling more convenient for Albertans by collecting the same materials province-wide 

  • Incentivize industry to design products that are more efficient to collect and recycle 

  • Incentivize industry to invest in recycling innovations and infrastructure 

How to Get Involved 

Alberta Municipalities would like to see the Government of Alberta endorse the merits of EPR for PPP in Alberta and commit to creating a province-led implementation plan this election term. You can support our efforts in several ways: 

  • Reach out to hello [at] abmunis.ca (Alberta Municipalities) and add your name to the list of organizations that support EPR for packaging and paper products in Alberta 

  • Alberta Municipalities wants municipalities to write to their Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA) about modernizing Alberta’s regulatory framework  

  • Use the social media tag #ABneedsEPR and highlight your support for EPR for packaging and paper products in Alberta through your social media channels