Corporate Challenge Edmonton

Every year in May and June, we compete against other companies and organizations from across the Edmonton Metropolitan Region in more than 20 sports, games, and collaborative activities. These challenges are an ideal opportunity to meet colleagues from different departments and compete as a team against other companies and organizations. 

We are proud of our team’s achievements during and after regular working hours. While some of our teams earned medals, all of them succeeded in bringing people together to have fun, compete, and create and strengthen our team spirit.


Corporate Challenge 2023

From hitting dingers at Slo pitch, to the finesse skills needed at horseshoes and eight ball, to using brain power at team trivia our teams showed their diverse skillsets in over 22 challenges. As part of the Blood Donor Challenge, our ABmunis employees donated over 40 units of blood. Every year we are proud of everyone participating in this challenge and helping the local blood bank with our donations. 


Employees from different departments participated
Medals were won: 1x Gold (Lawn Bowling), 1x Silver (Team Trivia), 1x Bronze (Pickleball)