Award of Excellence

Award of Excellence

This award recognizes outstanding civic leadership by past and present municipal elected officials.

A past or present Municipal Elected Official who has held office for at least four years in Alberta and has made an outstanding contribution to the field of municipal politics through any combination of the following:

  1. Leadership in his/her local area.
  2. Leadership in the provincial context, especially service to Alberta Municipalities.
  3. Leadership in the national context, i.e.: service to the FCM, holding federal government office.
  4. Recognized research in local government including papers, presentations on local government to local, regional, provincial, national or  international groups or organizations.

Nominating Process
A Council may nominate a peer for the Award of Excellence by completing the enclosed award nomination form.

The Municipal Secretary or City Clerk is to confirm the start date of the period of service by completing the appropriate section of the award nomination form.

The award nomination form shall be supported by biographical information on the nominee’s contribution to the community.

Award Committee
The award committee is Alberta Municipalities’ Executive Committee. 

Number of Awards
The Committee may recommend bestowing the Award of Excellence on no more than three individuals during the course of any one year.

Type of Award
The award will be a certificate, plaque or other form of suitable recognition.

Time of Award
The award will be presented during the fall of 2023.

Submissions must be received on or before June 16, 2023. No late submissions accepted.

Length of service as a municipal elected official
Leadership in provincial context
Leadership in federal context
Local Government
Approved by resolution of Council
Confirmation of service
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