Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

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Job Type Executive Opportunities
Organization Small municipality near Calgary
Job Description

The municipality is a small community of approximately 75 properties, located in the vicinity of the city of Calgary. This permanent part time contract position would be ideal for an individual living in Calgary or west of Calgary. The anticipated work load would be an average of 15 hours per week.

As the ideal candidate, you are a proven leader, with

  • strong communication skills,
  • financial management skills,
  • administrative management skills,
  • honesty and integrity.
  • Keeping confidential / privacy matters confidential
  • ability to read the political implications of recommendations and actions.
  • Municipal sector experience, with a minimum of 3 years as CAO and/or senior level management experience (Director/General Manager) is preferred.
  • Demonstrated record of working effectively with elected officials, volunteers and committees and public participation processes and policy.
  • A combination of municipal experience and leadership roles in other complex sectors will also be considered.

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) reports directly to council and is responsible for the overall administration of municipal operations in accordance with provincial legislation and with the objectives, policies and plans approved by the council. The CAO manages the operating and capital budget, bookkeeping, taxation, and provides strategic direction and monitors contracts and legislation.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

  • keep the mayor and or council informed of the operations of the municipality,
  • communicate with the mayor, and council in preparation of Agendas for Council meetings;
  • attend all meetings of council, and certain committee meetings as required, and assist in the decision-making process by providing advice, guidance and consultation, as required;
  • co-ordinate, direct and supervise the implementation of the policies and programs of the council,
  • Keep the website updated, emails & newsletters to residents as needed,
  • enforce or cause to be enforced all By-Laws and resolutions of the Municipality;
  • Financial responsibilities including:
    • Annual budget preparation and financial reporting of the municipality’s revenues and expenditures
    • reports to council the revenue and expenditure reports compared with the approved budget with explanations of significant variations and account reallocations;
    • preparation of tax notices
    • report to council any other matter, either administrative or financial, that relates to the control of the municipality’s affairs.
  • procurement and safekeeping of goods and services for which funds are provided within the budget;
  • liaison with other local governments and the Provincial Government when required;
  • ensure the prompt and proper handling of all requests, enquiries and complaints by residents of the municipality,
  • perform other duties as may be required by the council,
  • the Chief Administrative Officer shall have the authority to make public statements where such statements do not contravene policy established by Council,
  • it is the responsibility of the Chief Administrative Officer to be kept fully informed of the transactions of committees,
  • where a matter is not covered by terms of the By-Law and the Chief Administrative Officer deems it proper and expedient to implement changes, he/she may make such recommendations to council as may be appropriate,
  • continue strong, collaborative and productive working relationships with the provincial government and neighboring municipalities including joint contracts / cost sharing,
  • develop an atmosphere of trust and open communication with council, committees and residents;
Application Return

Qualified candidates are requested to submit a cover letter, detailed resume outlining experience, education, qualifications, and references in confidence to Questions may also be directed to the same email.

The closing date for this competition is noon on November 30th, 2021.